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Privacy Policy

Delhi Toto Personal Data Protection and Privacy Policy

Delhi Toto places great importance on the confidentiality, privacy and
protection of personal data. This policy sets out the way we handle personal
data provided to us.

  1. What We Collect
    1. 1.1 We collect and use personal data necessary to conduct our business with
      you. The types of data we collect may include, but is not limited to:
      a. Full name
      b. Identity document number e.g. NRIC, FIN, passport number
      c. Photographs or video images from which an individual can be clearly
      d. Mobile or residential telephone number
      e. Personal E-mail address
      f. Residential address
      g. Nationality
      h. Date of Birth
    2. 1.2 Close-circuit television (CCTV) footage recording movement, where the
      individuals may be identified, are primarily for security purpose,
      investigations into customer complaints and other authorised purpose.
      Delhi Toto does not use CCTV footage for marketing purpose.
  2. When We Collect
    2.1 When you open a Delhi Toto Account or when you update your
    personal particulars.
    2.2 When you attend our corporate events or respond to our programmes,
    contests or survey.
    2.3 When your image is captured by our photographers or videographers at
    our events.
    2.4 When your image is captured on our CCTV system.
    2.5 When you apply for a job with us.
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    2.6 When you provide feedback or contact customer service officers.
  3. Purposes for Collection, Use and Disclosure of Your
    Personal Data
    3.1 Delhi Toto collects data only for the specified purpose(s). Where
    the data is used for communicating product-related information, we
    operate on opt-in basis, and within the scope of consent.
    3.2 To send you information, promotions, updates and marketing and advertising material. We do not make cold calls or use any third-party contact lists for communicating product-related information.
    3.3 To respond to your requests and queries.
    3.4 To enforce our rules and regulations, contractual and legal rights and obligations.
    3.5 To ensure security for our premises.
    3.6 To facilitate the employment of staff by Delhi Toto.
    3.7 To comply with the law, any requests from law enforcement and regulatory officials, or orders of court.
    3.8 To process payment transactions.
    3.9 Towards any other purpose of use for which we have obtained your consent, express or implied.
    3.10 We may disclose your personal data to third party service providers, agents and other organisations we have engaged to perform any of the aforementioned purposes for us.
  4. Protection of Your Personal Data
    4.1 All data is handled in accordance with Delhi Toto’ Security Policy, which covers measures to prevent the unauthorized disclosure or loss of personal data.
    4.2 All Delhi Toto staff are trained in the proper handling and protection of personal data.
    4.3 All Delhi Toto vendors and suppliers are obligated to abide by our data privacy and protection policies.
    4.4 Delhi Toto will not reveal details of your personal data to any other person unless we have your permission or is required under a legal obligation or any other duty to do so.
    4.5 Access to your personal data is on a need-to-know basis.
  5. Accuracy of Your Personal Data
    5.1 Delhi Toto will correct any inaccurate data when notified by the authorised party.
  6. Retention of Your Personal Data
    6.1 Delhi Toto will retain such personal data in accordance with respective business needs and/or legal requirements.
    6.2 Delhi Toto will securely dispose of or anonymise personal data which it can reasonably determine is no longer needed.